How to go to 7 Falls and Lake Sebu

There are a couple ways to go to Lake Sebu from General Santos City, either via Surallah or direct route. From Balingoan terminal in Gensan, ride on an A/C Holiday bus to Marbel in Koronadal (the fare is around P60). It would take a little over an hour to reach Marbel. At the terminal in Marbel, there are vans parked that go directly to Lake Sebu, they only cost P55 per head. We believe this to be the most convenient way to go to the 7 Falls and Lake Sebu, because it will no longer pass by Surallah. But it’s all really up to you. Marbel to Lake Sebu is also over an hour of travel on the road.

The van will stop at the 7 falls junction in Lake Sebu. You will see Lake Lahit first upon arriving at the site. We even presumed it was Lake Sebu itself because it was the first lake you’ll come across. There are also eateries there serving Tilapia.It’s best to buy drinks like mineral water, then get a bit of rest before approaching the habal2x drivers. Stretch those tired muscles first, because in no time you’ll be riding the habal-habal going to the 7 falls. We talked to a local driver named Ramon Taborete (a native of Lake Sebu) (cp#: 09057265612) and we settled with P250 for the whole trip: 1st and 2nd falls, Punta Isla Resort and Centro van terminal. Centro, obviously, is the busier area in Lake Sebu. The first falls Hikong Alu has an entrance fee of P20/head. It’s about 15 minutes walk going to the falls. Along the way, you will see the Zipline starting point. Zipline rate is P250 during week days, P300 during weekends.

Ramon, the driver, also doubles as a tour guide. He would accompany you to the falls, even take pictures for you. He’s already so used to it, that he knows exactly what to answer. We made a promise to post his services here, such a nice guy he is.

When we finally saw Hikong Alu, it was awe-inspiring. Not to mention that we’ve gotten so desensitized from seeing a lot of waterfalls over the years. To this day, we’ve been to over 50 falls and counting. You may also avail of a photo-op in front of it, while being strapped to a fake Zipline, just for keepsakes. You can have your pictures printed onto a shirt or a coffee mug. They also have native costumes there for rent.

We didn’t want to waste any more time because we were already starving. We told Ramon to send us to the second falls – Hikong Bente. We asked to have our pictures taken there, but really, we couldn’t wait to go to Punta Isla Lake resort to sample their Tilapia meals. We hopped on the motorbike again and we cruised by their Centro area, where the vans going back to Marbel are parked.

There was no entrance fee at Punta Isla resort by the Lake Sebu. It is a T’boli-themed resort with lots of things to see. But, allow us to reiterate, we couldn’t wait to eat so we hastily flew down the stairway leading to their floating restaurant. We were supposed to eat there, but it costs an additional of P150 to our bill. So, we had no choice but to transfer to their cottages that would only add 4% of the entire meal. That’s way cheaper. We then ordered “Nilasing na Tilapia” and “Hototay Chicken Soup”. We were supposed to order Pinaputok na Tilapia, but we’ve already tried it in Davao city. We invited Ramon over to dine with us as well.

Lake Sebu is one big Tilapia fish pen, but the unique thing about it are the islands. Yes, there were islands scattered all over the lake. The boating fee at Punta Isla resort in Lake Sebu is P500, which is a bit steep for us and a complete waste of time, considering that we have to get back to Gensan in the afternoon.


Punta Isla Resort’s Floating Restaurant


Water lilies of Lake Sebu


Tilapia fish


Punta Isla Resort Menu


Punta Isla resort buzzer


Hototay soup and Nilasing na Tilapia




Tilapia fish pens in Lake Sebu


Lake Sebu


Lake Lahit


Road to 7 Falls and Lake Sebu


Hikong Alu


Hikong Bente


 Habal 2x Motorcycle Driver

 Ramon Taborete cellphone #: 09057265612


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