Kabigan Falls in Ilocos Norte

First of all, this is the “husband” behind the traveling duo “Roaming Couple”, and since our topic this time has to do with the hometown of my father, allow me to take the lead role in this post.

Well, my father is 100% Ilocano while my mother is 100% Bisaya, they both met in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur in Mindanao (where we settled for more than a decade), before finally moving to Tanjay City, Negros Oriental in the Visayas region.

Every now and then, we get to visit our ancestral home there in Barangay 14, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, especially when there is a reunion. This time around, I had some business to attend to in Laoag city, and this gave me the opportunity to tag my wife along.

I wanted her to meet with my Bumanglag cousins (since the rest have migrated abroad which is somehow typical of Ilocanos) and vice versa. I was also planning to show her the many natural bounties there like Pagudpud beach, Bangui Windmills, Paoay church and Kabigan falls to name a few.

Our starting point was Laoag, so on that day we rode a tricycle to San Nicolas. When we were about to cross the bridge, I felt nostalgic right away. The view there didn’t change much at all, but it really sent me down memory lane of when I was a kid.

Later on, we arrived at the gateway of the Bumanglag residence.

Our Ancestral Home


Thanks a lot to my cousins Dr. Loida Bumanglag-Natividad, Zander Natividad & Noland Bumanglag for accommodating us well. Loved the hito (catfish), by the way!


At night, they made reservations for us at Herencia Cafe (nearby Paoay Church), Laoag City, Ilocos Norte to try out their Special Miki & Pinakbet Pizza. Yummy!


We went to Pagudpud beach, my second time there. Where we ate Pinakbet and Curacha (as per my cousin Noland it’s “pekeng alimango”) at Villa Verde Resort in Pagudpud.


We took some pictures of the beach, but my memory card got corrupted and was only able to save a few pictures. We also visited the Bangui windmills. But what I’m going to post next is our 30 minute trek to Kabigan Falls in Ilocos Norte.

Kabigan Falls in Ilocos Norte


Kabigan falls in Ilocos Norte


The main falls

Lovely, isn’t it? Now here we are, both perched on a rock.





4 thoughts on “Kabigan Falls in Ilocos Norte

  1. Manong Unyol

    uy namiss ko ang miki na yan hahaha sarap na sarap ako jan.. natikman nyu ba ang empanada? puntahan nyu rin hometown nmin Claveria malapit sa Pagudpod pero part na kmi Cagayan boundary… keep blogging :)

  2. Mustachio

    Kabigan Falls! I did not get to take a dip there but remember taking a good photo of it. I love Ilocos Norte. I especially liked Mairaira Beach, Bangui Windmills, and Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.


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