Mambukal Resort in Bacolod

Bacolod is known for their colorful Masskara Festival held every October, The Ruins in Talisay (deemed as the “Taj Majal of the Philippines”), their one-of-a-kind Capitol Lagoon Park, ancestral homes and many more.

This famous city in Negros Occidental also boasts of a wide array of fine restaurants with very unique gimmicks and specialties. We really could go on and on about the excess of dining opportunities there.

There’s actually too much stuff to sort out if we don’t limit our itinerary. So, we thought it would be best to have a focus or two. First, we’ll try to tackle their popular seafood-lovers’ haven in the form of Pala-pala eateries. Then, of course, their natural marvel that is Murcia’s very own Mambukal resort.

We used to dine regularly at their old Pala-pala place. We would go hiking from the Capitol Lagoon Park directly to the said location with no setbacks at all.There we saw endless stalls selling the day’s catch right next to hole-in-the-walls that offer to cook your fresh buys at affordable rates. Every chance we get, we’d always binge on scallops, big prawns and any large fish.

Since we already tried out the old Pala-pala, we opted to go for the new Pala-pala located  on 11th Street. The latter has a more upscale ambiance, attentive staff and plush interior design with hardwood dining tables and chairs to match its native theme. In fairness to the original venue, they have more available items on display because they have the setting of a wet market.

Our orders this time were 1/2 kilo Grilled Tilapia at around P130, then the 1/2 kilo crabs were at P320. The rice at P16 each and regular coca-cola at P20 each. It took 20-30 minutes of waiting, but when it was eventually served, the cooking was top of the rank!

 Pala-pala on 11th Street




In order to commune with mother nature, we decided to proceed to Mambukal resort in Murcia.

But first, if you’re carrying a ton of luggages, you may want to first drop them somewhere for safekeeping. For backpackers, we highly recommend Pension Bacolod at P350/night for a decent fan room. Robinson’s Place is just one jeepney ride away. The mere fact that it’s located very close to Lacson St. makes it an ideal place to stay.

We hopped on a Bata-Libertad jeepney, then tell the driver to stop at Savemore mini-mall. Opposite to that is the terminal for the mini buses bound for Murcia. Ride on a mini-bus that says “Mambukal”. If possible, attempt to ride shotgun like we did. Fare is at P35 each. Transit time was around 45 minutes depending on the traffic.

Mini Bus Terminal 


Upon arriving at Mambukal Resort in Bacolod, we found ourselves paying the P50 entrance fee at the gates.

Mambukal Resort in Bacolod Rates and Fees


We thought the rates were quite affordable, especially the boating fee at only P30. One of the most popular activities at Mambukal Resort in Bacolod. So, we tried that out. We only paddled for 15 minutes or so.

Mambukal Resort Boating


Mambukal Resort 7 Falls

A few moments later, we jumped over to the 7 Falls entrance. We were told that it’s unsafe to go beyond the 3rd falls because it was raining earlier that day and the grounds were wet and slippery. We took their advice and ventured on.


1st falls at Mambukal resort





We only made it to the 2nd falls. The 3rd falls was so steep and the hand rails there were reportedly stolen. We just couldn’t gamble with our lives. So here’s the 2nd waterfalls at Mambukal resort.


2nd falls at Mambukal resort

Finally, we decided to become one with nature. I asked Leny to remove the cap from our mineral water bottle and try to get some fresh spring water. We took a quick sip and it was so refreshing.


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