Segue to Sarangani Highlands

We arrived in Gensan within only 3 hours from Davao city. We picked Holiday bus liner because it’s way cheaper than the Yellow bus liner (YBL). In comparison, Holiday Bus costs only P190 per head, while YBL is at P250. The only difference is that the latter runs nonstop all the way to Gensan, the former has a very quick stopover in Digos terminal of only 10-15 minutes.

We took a tricycle going to Ginoo St. which is nearby Robinson’s mall, KCC mall and SM City mall. It’s only one tricycle ride away from Bulaong terminal with a fare of P10 (due to the distance), regular fare is P8 each.

We rang the door bell, then out came my aunt who is 75 years old. We were ushered in and after a lengthy chit-chat, we were invited to eat breakfast. Their house is quite big and contains interesting cultural pieces – T’boli, maranao and even souvenirs from different places in the Philippines. My cousin Russel is the sole collector of the family and she has travelled to 78 out of 80 provinces in the Philippines, except Batanes and Tawi-tawi.

It’s a wonderful thing to have relatives living in the northernmost and southernmost tips of the Philippines. It was not long ago when we also paid a visit to my cousins in Ilocos Norte.

We were informed that there are no high-rise buildings in Gensan due to the unstable ground. They only have upto 3 storeys. Their city park has some cool features, such as waterproof speakers that play music all the time and some bridges over man-made ponds. After touring Gensan, we passed by their biggest mall there – SM, then we ordered baby back ribs at Ranchero grill (located within the mall) and some drinks from the bar tender who happens to be my nephew! That being said, we didn’t pay a single centavo.

Later that night, we decided to proceed to Sarangani Highlands (obviously in Sarangani) overlooking Sarangani Bay to sample their tuna dishes, fresh from the Fish Port Complex (which is located nearby). We could smell the fishy odor carried by the breeze from their canning area. We don’t know how much we spent on the Taxi cab because we didn’t ask my cousin, since she took care of the fare.

We forgot to take pictures of the menu in Sarangani Highlands, maybe because we got too excited about dinner. But, what we know is that their tuna is P90 per 100 grams. We also ordered prawns and fried rice to go with it. They were quite tasty! It’s a great place to spend some time in and enjoy the beauty of Sarangani Bay. If you’re ever in Gensan, make a segue to Sarangani Highlands like we did!

Aunt’s Residence








Lutong Bahay (home-cooked foods)

Sarangani Highlands


Sarangani Highlands entrance view


Male and Female Restrooms in Sarangani Highlands


Paintings for sale at Sarangani Highlands


Overlooking Sarangani Bay


Bonsai display at Sarangani Highlands

For more detailed info about Sarangani Highlands, go to their official site Sarangani Highlands

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