The Long Way to Tacloban, Leyte

Woke up early to catch the the earliest barge at Maayo shipping in Tampi, municipality of Amlan, Negros Oriental, cross the Tanon strait and dock at Bato in the southern part of Cebu. Then we boarded a Ceres bus to Cebu city that ate up 3 1/2 hours of our time. As soon as we arrived, we immediately hailed a taxi to Pier 4.  Believe it or not, we were able to make it to the 11am Supercat (now 2Go) trip going to Ormoc.

Upon leaving the port of Cebu, we got to inspect the old and new bridges connecting to Mactan island from under it as we passed by. Another 2 hours to go, this time it was a more entertaining thanks to the on-board movies. We also ordered food and started to discuss our itinerary in Leyte.

When we arrived at the port of Ormoc, we noticed that some of the passengers were hustling their way over to the public market. Later, we realized that they were trying to catch lunch since it was already past 12 noon. So, we followed them and sat down to order. We were surprised to know that they served water buffalo stew there, or in the vernacular “linat-ang karabaw”. So we ordered the same and ate it up.

We then boarded a jeepney and told the driver to send us to the Tacloban-bound van terminal. We alighted on a street corner nearby the Robinson’s mall. We were told vans frequent that route on their way to Tacloban. We hopped on one and dealt with surviving an almost 3-hour road trip.

We reached Tacloban, Leyte at around 3 pm. We rode a tricycle and stepped off at the Leyte Park Hotel gate entrance. We decided to check in there because we’ve read days before about its close proximity to Mt. Danglay, with the San Pedro Bay in between. Our stay at Leyte Park Hotel served as a prelude to other tourist attractions in Leyte – Mt. Danglay, San Juanico bridge, Sto. Nino Shrine and Mac Arthur Memorial Landing Park.

Leyte is a nice place to be. We just hope that they would work on promoting other lesser known tourist spots there like beaches (even if they aren’t white sands), so that those other tourists who can’t afford to check in at Leyte Park hotel will also have other means of enjoying Leyte from a natural standpoint.

 Leyte Park Hotel41261_10150252938110532_677513_n


Leyte Park Hotel swimming pool


Breakfast at Leyte Park Hotel 

Mt. Danglay


Mt. Danglay


San Pedro Bay

San Juanico Bridge


San Juanico bridge



Sto. Nino Shrine


40388_10150253606190532_5218924_n 45947_10150253607115532_7958795_n

 Mac Arthur Memorial Landing Park



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