Our Sumilon Island Day Tour

We are travel bloggers.

We introduced ourselves confidently. Even though we are neophytes in the travel blogging scene, but it’s about time we get some respect or something. Mind you, it didn’t matter at all. It really was more of an exercise of futility. We’ll tell you why in a short bit. Of course we did not say the same thing over and over to every single staff we met along the way, but they were all so nice to us and always treating us like Royals.

At the reception area, we were given our complimentary drinks on the rocks. We were even introduced to their Resident Manager Edison V. Navas. We did “the deed” once more. He was like, “Oh, there was a group of Cebu bloggers here a few days ago.” So yeah, a lengthy conversation followed. Again, the niceness also ensued.


A lemongrass drink

So, since we’re officially travel bloggers now, we asked one of their staff to unlock the big tent. “We want to see what’s inside.” Open… sesame! Here we go, this is called Glamorous Camping or in short Glamping!

Glamourous Camping or Glamping




We were told by their Resident Manager Edison V. Navas (um, he’s probably going to see this post after searching his name on the internet) that since they don’t have that many rooms available in Sumilon island, they gave this option as an added feature. Don’t let the above pics fool you though, we never went Glamping in Sumilon. It’s too expensive and impractical for us, so we passed on it. However, as part of our public service being responsible travel bloggers, we will include here the details on how to avail of the Glamorous Camping or Glamping at Sumilon Bluewater.


By the way, after we were given our complimentary drinks, we were instantly briefed about the island. Like, say, where to snorkel, how many minutes to get to the lighthouse, where to go glamping in Sumilon etc. Instead of listening, we were like “can you take our picture please?”




Such decadence! Okay, we’ll try to skip that part, we might overdo it. So we immediately hopped on our boat for a 15 minute ride to Sumilon island. Of course, we posed with Resident Manager Edison V. Navas for a picture.




Upon our arrival at the island, we saw some ladies offering us massage therapy. Well, we just imagined it must feel like heaven to experience that, just look at their massage rates below and you’ll see. Note: I think we docked at the eastern part (since the western part (Sumilon island sandbar was still underwater during that time).


Sumilon island map.


Sumilon island map

Since we arrived there very early, lunch wasn’t ready yet. We decided to take a stroll on the island. We went to their lagoon where we kayaked. Lots of small fishes in the lagoon, you may also feed them if you like.

Kayaking in Sumilon Island





Buffet Lunch at the Pavilion in Sumilon Island

Actually the breakdown of the Sumilon Day Tour Package is like this: P1,000 for the food buffet and P500 for the boat transfer and entrance. The waiter told us that the biggest part of the money you pay is being spent on food. All in all, we thought the food was great.



Trek to the Lighthouse

There are two ways to go to the lighthouse. We took the shortcut instead of the long way. Taking the shortcut would also mean that you will be able to encircle the whole island. After eating lunch, go directly to trekking. Like we said, take the shortcut first, then from the lighthouse follow the signs going to the marine sanctuary, this will lead you to the sandbar eventually. Have patience and try to enjoy the journey! Trekking time to the lighthouse from the Pavilion is around 20 minutes depending on your pace.



Another Trek to the Sandbar

From the lighthouse, you will walk for 15 minutes more to reach this side of the island. It offers a great view of the Negros island in the horizon and the Cebu mainland nearby. There’s a nice trail there, very easy to follow since it is color-coded. Yes, they put up banners there with colors to signify where you’re supposed to go.





At the Sumilon Island Sandbar

We actually spent the longest time here. It was pretty hot though, the scorching sun gave us a sunburn later on, but it was all worth it. The sandbar itself is like a mountain of white coral stones. There are marine sanctuaries on both sides. Tires were sporadically placed around the area, almost all of them were displaying a healthy coral growth. We loved the wide array of corals in the area. There was one which was a perfect table coral. It looked so beautiful. Lots of fish species there, too.





Boat Schedule at Sumilon Bluewater


That’s about it! Our Sumilon Island Day Tour. It costs P1,500 per head. What are you waiting for? Book a flight to Dumaguete now, since it’s much nearer there!

Sumilon Island Day Tour (P1,500/person) includes:

Lunch at the Pavilion, round trip boat transfers, island activities like kayaking and snorkelling and fish feeding, use of resort facilities like beach, infinity pool, picnic grove, payags and shower rooms.

How to go to Sumilon Island from Dumaguete

1. Ride a Multicab to Sibulan or a Bus passing by Sibulan.

2. Get off near the San Antonio de Padua church. Ask where the port going to Lilo-an is located.

3. Fare is P40 for the pump boat going to Lilo-an and P60 for the fast craft. Transit time is around 20 minutes.

4. Upon reaching Lilo-an port, ride a bus going to Sumilon Bluewater junction. It’s only nearby, so just tell the bus conductor to drop you off there.

How to Go to Sumilon Island from Cebu

1. From Mactan Airport, ride a taxi cab going to South Terminal.

2. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Sumilon Bluewater Junction. Fare is around P135.

3. From there, approach their friendly staff to arrange your the Sumilon Island Day Tour.

6 thoughts on “Our Sumilon Island Day Tour

    1. Gerard Jude and LenyGerard Jude and Leny Post author

      yep we went on a week day. bro, for us it’s very convenient because we brought our yamaha mio scooter with us, roro maayo shipping… though we have a hyundai accent 2011 car, but we prefer to go on a road trip on our motorbike. we left our mio at sumilon bluewater, then we just did a quick day tour.

      glamping = expensive and impractical
      food buffet = we ate to our heart’s content
      trek to the lighthouse = awesome
      snorkeling in their house reefs = pleasant
      service = super
      sandbar = fantastic
      kayaking = acquired taste
      views = dreamy

      go, go, go! :) p.s. we’re going to aliguay island in dapitan and maybe sta. cruz island in zamboanga first or second week of april…just maybe :)


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