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Exotic Food at Gina’s Kabayo-an in Dumaguete

Gina’s Kabayo-an restaurant in Dumaguete located along Pinili street. It offered something fresh and new for our longing palates – horse meat, so we tried it out right away! It is a good way to break the monotony, after all we’ve become so bored with the same old food choices. Where else can you find the likes of “Pinawikan Kabayo”, “Kabayon” and “Ginataang Kabayo”?¬†Exciting, isn’t it?¬†The moment we heard about this eatery in Dumaguete, we jumped at the opportunity right away.

Dumaguete has lots of other restaurants, but this is the only one serving exotic horse meat. We think that because it is unusual, that outsiders would flock to Dumaguete just to dare each other to eat this type of food, just like how popular Balut has become.

No, the horses didn’t come from a farm, but I have my sources“, says Gina – the owner of GIna’s Kabayo-an in Dumaguete.

Gina’s Kabayo-an restaurant in Dumaguete’s interior design is inspired by the raw beauty of wild horses, a sheer reminder of their true image. Then suddenly, an awkward feeling sets in after realizing you are about to ingest one. Plus, there’s a stuffed horse head inside which is ideal for photo-ops; to show off that you’ve conquered such an exotic meat.

We ordered all three horse dishes at P40 each for a total of P120. However, if you put them together, it’s really worth it. Quite heavy in the tummy, too. We still can’t believe Dumaguete is the place where to achieve this. A side of Dumaguete that should be promoted some more and be included in the itineraries of travelers.

After sampling horse meat for the first time, we must say that it’s not that bad at all. It didn’t taste like chicken, but leaning more towards the beefy kind, thankfully without any unpleasant aftertaste. It’s pretty lean and healthy as well. So, we both loved it.

Currently, we are in the works of adding more Dumaguete restaurants to this category. So watch out for them!


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