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Swimming with the Whale Sharks in Oslob, Cebu

Oslob, Cebu is an hour away from where we live. The whale sharks in Oslob is hot topic right now, even controversial. There were pictures that cropped up wherein the whale sharks in Oslob were being abused and maltreated in some way, be it intentional or out of ignorance.

Considering Oslob’s close proximity to our residence, we’d simply hop on the Maayo shipping Ro-Ro ferry, tag our Yamaha scooter with us and just head to the whale-watching address riding our motorbike. We are also concerned about the whale sharks in Cebu, don’t get us wrong. But as per the traveling part, it’s very easy for us!

But to help you out, the reader, your starting point should be in Dumaguete City. Just go to the Ceres terminal which is a stone’s throw away from Robinsons Place. Just look for their “Cebu” trips. The buses upon arriving at Maayo shipping in Amlan will be boarded onto the ferry boat, this will later on connect to the port of Bato where Oslob is only around 20 minutes away.

Before you get to ride on a small boat to the whale shark feeding area (where to observe the famous whale sharks in Oslob), you will have to attend a briefing on the beach. This is intended to protect the whale sharks, but really, who are they fooling? How can you control the many stubborn tourists who would like to get a piece of these gentle giants? This is a big money-maker for this municipality and they are really cashing in on it. In fact, under the whale watching ordinance of Oslob, 60% of the funds generated go to  the fishermen associations, 30% to the municipality and 10% percent to the barangay.

Presently, P300 fee is charged for whale shark watching,  Additional P20 for snorkeling and P50 for diving.

The affordable rates are a good bait in itself, really. But poor whale sharks!


A visual of Sumilon island in the horizon. We will soon pay a visit to that place as well.


I did not wear the life vest, because it slows me down for some reason and makes it really hard for me to dive deeper.




Whale shark in Oslob



Aside from the whale shark sightings, they also have some spectacular coral formations in their house reef.



After our whale shark watching activity, we were starving so we went to eat.