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Exotic Foods in Palawan

We already prepared our itinerary for Puerto Princesa a couple of weeks prior to our trip. It included a visit to the subterranean river, Honda Bay island hopping and sampling exotic foods.

Crocodile meat isn’t really an exotic food, it’s a very common meat, especially in other parts of the world. But the locally named “Tamilok” is a genuine exotic food contender coming from the Philippines. The ironic thing is that it would take a foreign celebrity chef to showcase our proud key ingredient in his TV show – TLC’s “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” (during his trip to Palawan).

We’re quite sure that you’ve already heard of “Kinabuch” after all the media attention it’s been getting. This place is justly famous for their unusual dining experience serving croc meat legally (from a crocodile breeding farms) and also our very own Tamilok (which is a kind of woodworrm).

Our only complaint was how steep the prices were, which led us to wonder if there are other sources of Tamilok being sold for cheap. It might take a while to answer this question, maybe when we are swept back to such a secluded region.

We strongly suggest to go to Kinabuch at night. It transforms into a bar and chill out zone, where to take things down a notch and just hang out. Plus they have a wide assortment of wines and beverages for their valued customers to choose from.

So when in Palawan, do as the Palawenos do!

Exotic Foods in Palawan


Tamilok (P115 pesos)


Crocidile Adobado (P300)


Shrim Gambas (P150)


Cocktail Bar